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100% Translatable

As a market leader in global air freight forwarding, OIA Global excels in providing tailored transportation solutions for client-specific needs...

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Visual Composer

Use the most awesome Visual Composer plugin along with the powerful shortocde builder when creating new page layouts or simply editing the...

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Trusted Expert Support

ThemeRex does its best to provide the most reliable support to all their customers, ensuring that each of their clients gets exceptional...

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Full Shop Functionality

If you need a selling website, you can easily turn our theme into a powerful online store due to integration of the most popular E-Commerce...

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Extensive Documentation

All our WordPress themes come with extensive HTML Documentation. Using our guides and screenshots you will be able to handle any issue with no...

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Advanced Options

All our WordPress themes include advanced theme options which makes them super flexible so the customers could enjoy fast and easy...

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Purchasing from ThemeRex means entrusting your reputation to one of the best teams.
We do our work with a customer in mind. That is why you are getting the best web products
tickets answered
Google Fonts
Features Added
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Get Ready to Stand Out

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100% Translatable

We ensure our themes are 100% translation ready by offering full WPML compatibility and including super fuctional PO Composer plugin…

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Media Content Manager

You have a chance to arrange all media contents at your taste including an ability to create respective directories for your content…

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Full Shop Functionality

We have supplied Parallels with full store design integration. No matter what you wish to sell, it is so easy to do if you do it with WooCommerce…

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choose your healthy way today!

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