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Frequently Asked Questions

Brahmagra is a 100% herbal supplement backed by evidence based research. We have over 35k satisfied customers who consume our product to maintain optimal testosterone levels. Yes, the product is specifically formulated for boosting Testosterone, building Mental agility and Performance.

Based on your age and health condition, we recommend a 2-3 months course of Brahmagra.

Androgens are crucial for male sexual and reproductive function. Our product uses a healthy dose of Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) which has natural Androgen enhancing capabilities. Side effects may include development of secondary sexual characteristics in young men, including facial and body hair growth and voice change.

Brahmagra is a combination of Ashwagandha, Tonkat Ali, Safed Musli and Horny Goat Weed. These herbs are well researched and have shown no side effects when consumed in appropriate proportions. 


Brahmagra is consumed not just by older men for Libido, but younger and more active individuals wanting to develop lean mass, enhance stamina and maintain a healthy immune system take one-a-day regularly.

Our body gets depleted of testosterone as we age. This added with the stress, long work hours and abuse due to lifestyle needs, creates a need for a natural balanced supplement. Brahmagra restores the hormonal balance in a safe way and helps you build Mental endurance, Lean mass and Enhance Libido. Brahmagra is loaded with 14 full spectrum phyto active ingredients known to activate the body’s endocrine function and boost natural male hormone synthesis within weeks.

We recommend 2 capsules every day with warm milk after a meal. After a full 3 months’ course, you could switch to 1-a-day as a maintenance dose.

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